L.U. Simon (English)

Building on quality
and innovation

    Company Profile

    Ready personnel and the ability to mobilise our own assets in an instant means speed, security and savings. If you need 1000 tonnes of scaffolding, we have it. A dozen luffing cranes or 100 sheds? They’re in the yard. This guarantees that we are not subject to market fluctuations or capital equipment shortages.

    In the spirit of innovation, we pioneered precast technology, creating the legacy that has enabled clients to design and build cost-effective buildings of over 80 storeys. We are the masters of early handovers which assists clients with significant savings. We were first in introducing a fleet of electric cranes to Melbourne for high-rise apartments and led the way with compact services reticulation, enabling lower floor-to-floor heights, resulting in additional floors within a given height. We also extended the range of economical window walls to greater heights – literally.

    Millions of dollars of public money was saved in the restoration and construction of landmark projects such as the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, Shrine of Remembrance Restoration, Melbourne Town Hall, Old Treasury Building, Malthouse Theatre, Victoria Markets and the Immigration Museum by introducing new techniques to structural, façade, and environmental solutions. No matter the level of challenge, we will bring an innovative and original dimension to your project. Our approach starts with our acclaimed flexible value-management process. In 60 years, there really hasn’t been a challenge where we haven’t excelled. It’s what we do. It’s what we enjoy.

    Loyalty is our greatest reward. Our employees and contractors have been with us for decades. We’re proud to have scores of repeat clients for whom we have built hundreds of projects, notably 20 high-rise projects, with the same client. You can expect the same loyalty in our relationship with you.