L.U. Simon (English)

Building on quality
and innovation


    Professor Leo Simon, founding Professor of the School of Building at The University of Melbourne, founded his eponymous company in 1955. Two of his long-serving employees, Peter Devitt and Les Gordon, became the first shareholders in 1983 and acquired the remainder of the company on Professor Simon’s retirement in 1986. They were followed by Jim Moschoyiannis and Terry Lewis in 1996, Frank Materia in 2001, Kane Devitt in 2005 and Darren Gordon in 2012.

    Together, our directors represent over 220 years of dedication to perfecting technical skills, building experience and project pricing. Eminent leaders in their fields, they bring an unparalleled market understanding fuelled with an innate desire to assist our partners to achieve their goals and aspirations.

    In line with our shareholders’ policy of selecting employees based on merit and potential, the vast majority of our directors and staff, started with us either as building graduates or apprentice carpenters. With an objective of train and retain, we are a cohesive and stable group.

    Through shared experiences and a common goal, we grow and learn from each other every day. Loyalty is our most prized asset and we take pride in working with a valued team of employees.

    • Peter Devitt


      Managing Director

      Peter joined the company in 1968, becoming Chief Estimator and then a Director / Shareholder in 1983. He also served as President of the MBAV from 1992-1994 and is a life member. Peter is an esteemed industry leader and brings direction and drive.

    • Jim Moschoyiannis

      F.A.I.B., F.A.I.Q.S., M.I.A.M.A, B.Bldg (QS) (MELB)

      Construction Director

      Jim joined the company in 1983. By 1996 he was a Construction Manager and a Director / Shareholder. Jim is a renowned building professional and has strong ties with major allied associations and leading universities.

    • Terry Lewis

      Director – New Business

      Terry joined the company in 1973, working his way to Chief Estimator and a Director / Shareholder in 1996. Terry has an unparalleled reputation for his estimating and cost planning management skills.

    • Frank Materia

      B.Bldg & Const. Management (Hons), F.A.I.B

      Construction Director

      Frank joined the company in 1990, becoming a Construction Manager, and a Director / Shareholder in 2001. Frank is the nexus of the engine room as he manages the procurement of major equipment and sub-contracts.

    • Kane Devitt

      M.A.I.B., Assoc Dip. App Sc (Blgd Const)


      Kane joined the company in 1997. He became a Director / Shareholder in 2005. Kane is involved in directing construction activities and reports to the Board on Workplace Health & Safety policy, compliance and governance.

    • Darren Gordon


      Darren joined the company in 1980. He became a Director / Shareholder in 2012 and represents the company in joint ventures, ensuring they are properly resourced, collaborative and effectively communicated to stakeholders.

    • Ivor Malcolm Tulloch

      F.C.A (Ret)

      Non-Executive Director

      An Independent Director since 1986, Malcolm was a practising Chartered Accountant and is a former principal taxation, accountancy and strategic adviser to both national and international companies. A retired fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Tax Institute of Australia, and a licensed company auditor, Malcolm is responsible for corporate governance and taxation issues.